Trevor Simpson is available for a variety of workshops and presentations.

One-Day Intuitive Guidance Workshop
This workshop is specifically designed to focus on an exploration of your personal intuitive guidance kit. You will have a chance to experience a range of possible options from silence, visualization, oracles and divination tools, synchronicities, your passions and more.

Consult Trevor's schedule for the locations and times of his upcoming appearances.

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Decision-making Presentations

This PowerPoint presentation is available in either one or two hour formats. It reviews the basic philosophy behind the decision-clarity model and outlines the principles involved in the four steps. The two-hour version is more experiential.

Decision-making Workshop Intensive

This workshop is one day and one morning committed to the 24 hour DecisionClarity process. This workshop will guide you through your decision-making and teach you to make better decisions in your own life. It will include:

*A Decision-making process to give you techniques and tools to get past the barrier of your mind and benefit from your own powerful inner wisdom.

*An Intuitive Guidance Kit The model explores four ways to activate your intuition: silence, through your passions, synchronicities and other possibilities such as dreams and oracles or divination tools. The Decision-Clarity process will help you find and develop the resources that work best for you.

Workshop for Coaches and Other Counselors

Learn how to use a new model to guide your clients through challenging decisions. Help your clients to break free of the confusion caused by the "battleground of thoughts and feelings" - conflicting perspectives that trap you in a circular dialogue within the mind from which there seems to be no escape. This workshop will guide you through a directed process to facilitate inner discernment.

Schedule of Workshops and Presentions

February 22nd InspireHealth Vancouver
March 7th InspireHealth Vancouver
TBA One-Day Intuitive Guidance Workshop
March 21st InspireHealth Vancouver
May 2nd Inspire Health Vancouver
May 16th Inspire Health